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Q: Is Travel Insurance required?

A: While Travel Insurance is not required, we strongly encourage purchasing it to protect your investment from unforeseen events. 


Q: Is this trip right for me? 

A: Are you fascinated by marine life and excited to learn about the importance of conserving our oceans while having an experience of a lifetime? Then yes, this is a great trip for you! 

 - Most expeditions are appropriate for a range of physical fitness levels but you should consider your comfort moving between boats, swimming, and snorkeling (if applicable), and susceptibility to seasickness. 

 - Contact Life Aquatic Expeditions Team with specific questions


Q: Are there age limits? 

A: There are no set minimum or maximum ages, just consult us if you are concerned. Families are welcome on most expeditions, but please contact us to make sure it is appropriate for your kids.


Q: What does the expedition cost include?

A: Expeditions include all accommodations, most meals, excursions, transportation during the trip, services of the expedition leaders and guides, lectures/discussions, photography workshops, permits, and tips. Not included: transportation to the trip origin, personal travel insurance, free-time activities (if time is scheduled in the itinerary), snorkel gear. 

Q: What should I bring? 

A: A detailed packing list will be provided for your specific expedition. 

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